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NU’EST (뉴이스트) New Images For All Members

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Thursday August 8, 2013 @ 9:50 p.m PST




Over the past week, NU’EST has been teasing that they would be making their comeback soon with the revelation that they were wrapping up recording in the studio and have been working with Duble Sidekick for their return.

With the announcement that their comeback 3rd mini-album, which will be titled “Sleep Talking,” would be released on August 22nd, NU’EST has revealed individual teaser images for all their members – JR, Ren, Baekho, Minhyun and Aron. The teaser images are simple with blue-tinted photos of the members donning chic and casual street wear; the names and years of birth are printed on each image.

What did you think of the comeback teaser images and which was your favorite? Are you looking forward to hearing more about NU’EST’s return?


Aron (NU’EST) Collapsed and Rush To Hospital

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Posted: Thursday February 14, 2013 @8:02 p.m PST

According to Koreaboo, NU’EST’s Aron is reported to have suffered from a leg muscle injury while rehearsing for their comeback showcase today.

Aron felt intense muscle pain in his right leg while going through their final rehearsal for they showcase today. He initially complained of muscle pain but when he collapsed and revealed that couldn’t move, Aron was rushed to the hospital straight away. He was eventually diagnosed with ruptured calf muscle.

Pledis Entertainment confirmed in a statement that Aron still planned to resume his comeback activities through their showcase today, along with their first comeback stage on Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 14th. The agency confirmed that they are awaiting the final results from Aron’s medical examinations and will decide until then.

Earlier this week, NU’EST returned to the local music scene with the release of their 2nd mini-album and will be promoting the track “Hello.”Koreaboo

NU’EST (뉴이스트) 1st Mini-Concert & 2nd Mini-Album February 13th

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Media Credit: Koreaboo /@nuestnews /Wikipedia

Posted: Monday February 4, 2013 @ 6:08 p.m PST



February 4th, all five members of the group were featured in dark leather clothing, posing fashionably on a deserted road, further giving a masculine but chic vibe. The group comeback image varied differently to the previous concept shots (1,2) released last January.

NU’EST is set to release their 2nd mini-album on February 13th. Meanwhile, the group is also set to celebrate their upcoming album by holding their 1st mini-concert at the Interpark Art Center on the same date.

NU’EST in August 2012 (From Left to Right: Minhyun, Ren, JR, Baekho, Aron)


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