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BTS and Wanna One Combined Choreography

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Posted: Tuesday February 6, 2018  @1:35 a.m PST



Fans were blown away when they watched how the powerful dance moves, which were originally eye-catching due to the high energy in BTS “DNA”, matched the upbeat Wanna One “Burn It Up”.

The combination video has lead to an outpouring of love for both groups!


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CNCO {Latin American Boy Band} Racist and Insensitive Toward Kpop BTS

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Posted: Monday January 29, 2018 @ 2:45 am PST


Latin American boy band CNCO was in an interview with iHeartLatino host Enrique Santos, but the interview took a very racist and insensitive turn towards BTS and the Korean language.

It was the host that first introduced the topic and compared CNCO to BTS, saying that BTS is basically the Korean version of them, to which the boys laughed somewhat awkwardly at.

The racism begins right after that when Enrique says “and the lyrics are great right?” and the CNCO boys start to sing in gibberish, mocking the Korean language.

he boys then continue to mock and make fun by singing their song “Mamita” in gibberish, at one point even saying “oppa Gangnam style”, which you can hear at 1:21.





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BTS 방탄소년단 {Kpop} Manager Caught Physically Abusing BTS Members On Camera

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Posted: Thursday December 10, 2015 @ 6:57 p.m PST


On a popular online community called Instiz, a post titled, “Controversy surrounds BTS manager as video of manager raising his hand against member surfaces” recently went viral.

The post featured photos of BTS members and their manager. In the photo the manager is seen raising his hands against the member Jung Kook. Although there was no physical contact fans claimed that the gesture was very threatening and the fact that Jung Kook flinched revealed that there may have been previous cases of physical abuse.




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BTS {K-Pop Group} Contends For “Best Worldwide Act: Asia” October 25th In Milan, Italy

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Posted: Saturday October 17,2015  @ 6:28 p.m PST

BTS ( Bulletproof Boy Scouts) wins the first round of voting for MTV EMA’s “Best Korea Act” and is set to contend for the much coveted “Best Worldwide Act.” 

Known for one of the fast rising stars to emerge in the Korean music industry since making their debut in 2013, the group is acknowledged for their wide international fanbase and is considered to be one of the leading acts in the new generation of pop idols. Aside from their popularity, the group is also praised for their direct participation in the production and composition of their music.

On October 16th, MTV EMA announced the winners of the “Best Korea Act,” allowing BTS to qualify for the “Best Worldwide Act” category. They competed against fellow artist such as B1A4, GOT7, G-Friend and VIXX. 

Currently, BTS contends for “Best Worldwide Act: Asia” with other acts such as Jay Chou, Jane Zhang and more, prior to the official awards ceremony on October 25th in Milan, Italy.

Vote for BTS at MTV EMA’s official page.

BTS' Facebook / star1

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Netizens Berate Korean Rapper B Free For Calling K-Pop Idols ‘Gay’

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Media: Koreaboo –  Instiz

Posted: Saturday September 5, 2015 @ 6:11 p.m PST

His name is B Free and he’s done things that are making me hate him more and more.

1.He refers to EXO Sehun and BTS as ‘gay’.
2. Criticizes people for illegal streaming and gets caught downloading pirated copies himself.
3. Claims that the Korean military service is the “Biggest waste of time in the world”
4. Criticizes idol rappers and than features on Mino’s stage at Show Me the Money

There are more. I really wish he would stop his SNS activities. Some say he’s a good guy in person but he told BTS that they look gay in person and than claimed that they plagiarized when they didn’t.

The rapper in question, BFREE has also been previously under fire for calling EXO’s Sehun “gay as fuck”. He later deleted the tweet.



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24th Seoul Music Awards {Winners and Performances}

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Posted:Thursday January 22, 2015 @ 6:32 p.m PST


The 24th High1 Seoul Music Awards took place on January 22nd at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena, where various awards were presented to some of the hottest stars of 2014. 

Winners of the award show included EXO, Girl’s Day, VIXX, B1A4, AOA, Apink, BTS, and much more! In addition to presenting awards, artists took the stage to produce some of the hottest performances. Rock band N.EX.T also performed to honor the memory of the late Shin Hae Chul, who passed awaysuddenly in October 2014.

Check out the list of winners and performers below! Congratulations to all winners!

Daesang: EXO
Bonsang: VIXX, Girl’s Day, B1A4, AOA, Apink, BTS, INFINITE, SISTAR, BEAST, TaeTiSeo, Super Junior, EXO
► Album of the Year: BEAST
New Artist: GOT7, Eddy Kim, Red Velvet
Best OST: Lyn’s “My Destiny” for My Love from Another Star
Hip-hop: San E & Rania’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”
R&B Ballad: K.Will
High1 Popularity: Taemin
iQiyi Popularity Award: EXO
► Performance Award: Im Chang Jung
► Dance Performance: HyunA
► Hallyu Star Award: INFINITE
► Digital Music Award: Soyou x JunggiGo’s “Some”


24th High1 Seoul Music Awards

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BTS aka Bangtan Boys {K-Pop} First Japanese Album and Japan Tour {Video}

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Posted:Tuesday December 23, 2014 @ 1:44 a.m PST



bts video


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BTS {K-Pop} Big Size Condom

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Posted: Friday November 14, 2014 @8:23 p.m PST


Right after ending promotions for their follow-up track “Hormone War,” BTS had been caught up in a small controversy after a condom had been spotted in a picture posted by member Jin. For one of the photos on their recipe blog Jin took a snapshot of his latest completed meal, Twitter fan accounts then spotted a possible King-Size condom box near the wall behind Jin; the image has spread viral online since. Big Hit Entertainment has now come forth, revealing that the condom had been nothing but a gift from a fan. The company stated that “The item in the picture is indeed a condom.  Those were presents they received from fans.

After showing step-by-step photos of his latest dinner recipe, Jin took a faraway photo of him eating at the table, with boxes and shelves behind him. However, in the left corner behind a laptop, fans have found a box for Pasante King Size Condoms. Speculation has been rising as to whether it is true or a rumor, especially as a particular fan Twitter account is seen apologizing for retweeting what was supposed to be a “joke.” Posts can be seen on her Twitter apologizing, and hoping that it wouldn’t be found out, though other commenters are found to be informing her that the image already spread viral to Korean portals.


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BTS aka Bangtan Boys 방탄소년단 {Kpop} New MV (Behind The Scenes) Of “Danger”

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Posted: Saturday August 23, 2014 @ 5:48 p.m PST


BTS recently released their 1st studio album “Dark & WIld” and the music video for “Danger.” Now they give you a special BTS look at their shooting.

BTS has come back with a completely different look from “Just One Day.” They are edgier and darker. In the behind the scenes video they claim that the choreography for this video is the hardest they’ve done and they managed to learn it in one week!

They go on to also talk about the song and their worries about expressing their emotions correctly. Jimin states that the song is about a boyfriend not receiving calls or texts from his girlfriend and he didn’t know what facial expressions to make.

Although the boys exclaimed multiple times that they are tired, they are seen giving it their all and they still manage to have a good time while filming.

Watch the video below to get a closer look at BTS and the “Danger” MV.



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MBLAQ, EXO, Henry, Rainbow, Beomki, VIXX, Nine Muses, BTS, N-SONIC “Kpop Music Shows”

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Posted:Wednesday June 19, 2013 @ 1:44 p.m PST



For the June 19th episode of MBC Show Champion, comeback stages were performed by artists such as IVY, After School and Nell.

In addition, T-ara’s Soyeon, 5DOLLS’s Eunkyo and SPEED’s Taewoon performed their single “Painkiller,” which was released early last week. Other performances tonight were performed by MBLAQ, EXO, Henry, Rainbow, Beomki, VIXX, Nine Muses, BTS, N-SONIC and the debut stage by Hyene.