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Miss Hong Kong Pageant Rumours and Scandals From Bisexual To Plastic Surgery

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Source: Yahoo Singapore Heidi Hsia

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Posted: Sunday August 25, 2013 @ 1:45 a.m. PST


This year’s “Miss Hong Kong Pageant” contestants have been plagued with lots of rumours and scandals – a situation that may be changed for the better by TVB, by adding a new segment into the competition.

As reported on Oriental Daily website, the station recently revealed that they have added a new segment for the Semi-Final event, to take place on 25 August.

In the segment, to be judged by actress Carol Cheng, actor-manager Nat Chan, singer Hacken Lee and actor-producer Eric Tsang, all 20 contestants will be facing the four judges as they drill the beauties about the negative news and controversies that were reported on the media about them throughout the competition.

The segment, which will also be aired on live telecast, will test the girls’ quick wit and ability to give responses, and determine whether they truly possess both beauty and wisdom.

Many speculated that the segment will be most difficult to several controversial contestants such as Kendy Cheung, who was once rumoured to be bisexual and had gone under the knife, Moon Lau, who is said to frequently use profanity, Virginia Lau, who was earlier accused of wearing counterfeit clothes, as well as the highly controversial Tammy Ou Yang – who was accused of plastic surgery, working at night clubs, flirting with men, as well as taking out high interest private loans with her classmates as guarantors.

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