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Mel B’s Sister Danielle Getting Married & Mel B’s Husband Stephen Belafonte Banned From Wedding

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Source & Story Credit: MSN

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Posted: Saturday April 14, 2012 @2:53 p.m. PST



Mel B’s husband, Stephen Belafonte, is banned from her sister Danielle’s wedding because she doesn’t like him.

Mel B’s husband is banned from her sister’s wedding.

The former Spice Girl’s younger sibling, Danielle Brown, is set to wed fiance George Lee this summer and while Mel and her three daughters will be invited to the nuptials, her spouse Stephen Belafonte will not be welcome.

When asked if she was going to invite Mel to the wedding, Danielle – who has made no secret of her dislike of Stephen – said: ”Oh yes, definitely. My door is always going to be open to my sister. I will get an invite out to her and my nieces. But no way is Stephen Belafonte invited. He’s not welcome at all.”

However, Mel and Danielle are not speaking at the moment and Danielle says she is concerned for the welfare of her sister and nieces, Phoenix, 13, Angel, five, and six-month-old Madison.

The mother-of-two told Britain’s OK! magazine: ”We have no contact but as a family we have an account for the girls and we put money in it every month for them because you never know. Money can come and go, but at the end of the day they will have money from me and my mum and dad who both work very hard.”

Danielle Brown and Mel B. 
Danielle Brown, Daughter And George Lee
Stephen Belafonte (Mel B’s Husband)