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Source & Story Credit: E! Online – Josh Grossberg – ENTV

Media Credit: Photo (Omg Yahoo) / Video ( ENTV)

Posted: Friday April 27, 2012 @1:00 p.m. PST



Apparently, there are some really die-hard Demi Lovato fans south of the  border.


The singer-actress wanted to do something nice for kids who attended her  concert last night in Paraguay by letting them move a little closer to the  stage.


Alas, what she didn’t count on was getting mobbed!

After gesturing for folks in the wings to come on up, a bunch of screaming  girls and boys surged forward, prompting the 19-year-old Lovato to shout, “You  guys gotta be safe though.”


Seconds later, a young woman ran up and hugged her. As security tried to  separate her from the Sonny Without a Chance star, a bunch of male fans  joined the melee, though Lovato managed to get away and head off stage.


Eventually, order was restored, Lovato returned and the show went on with the  pop sensation performing another tune, the crowd gleefully singing along.


Viva Demi!


Demi Lovato Mobbed By Fans In Paraguay.



According to ENTV, Demi Lovato has some die hard fans out there – But the crowd at her concert in Paraguay last night might take the cake. It all started when the pop star had the barricades brought down in front of the stage so the kids could get a little closer – big mistake! Lovato was rushed to safety and later returned to the stage to continue her performance.