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Denise Ho’s Celebrity Girlfriend May Be Actress Deng Jiuyun

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Source: Yahoo Malaysia / By Syahida Kamarudin

Media Credit: Yahoo Malaysia

Posted: Thursday March 28, 2013 @12:40 a.m. PST



Denise Ho, who neither denied nor admitted the rumours of her relationship with Taiwanese actress Deng Jiuyun, accidentally let slipped that she has a celebrity girlfriend.

Asianpopnews reported that the Hong Kong singer, who announced her homosexuality late last year, shared that she had not held her girlfriend’s hand for 13 years in public due to her celebrity status.

When asked if her girlfriend had complained about their hush-hush relationship, Denise accidentally replied, “No. She is from the entertainment industry too. She understands.”

The Cantopop singer then realised her mistake and reportedly begged the reporter to give her some privacy and stopped asking more questions about her love life.

However, Denise still shared her philosophies about love, saying, “I am a conservative person. I will be loyal to my partner and I hope to spend my lifetime with her.”

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Denise Ho and Deng Jiuyun (Taiwanese Actress) Alleged Rendezvous In Taiwan

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Source & Credit: Yahoo Singapore / Syahida Kamarudin

Posted: Thursday November 29, 2012 @11:10 p.m. PST



Despite her refusal to comment on her relationship with Taiwanese actress, Deng Jiuyun, the two were recently spotted being mushy with each other during an alleged rendezvous in Taiwan.

According to Asianpopnews website, at the wee morning of 25 November, Denise Ho was spotted driving to Deng Jiuyun’s apartment after attending the 49th Golden Horse Awards held in Yilan. The singer reportedly spent the next 10 hours at the Taiwanese actress’ residence and was seen walking Jiuyun’s dog together the next afternoon.

The two reportedly acting affectionate with each other and were photographed leaning their faces close to each other, drawing wild speculation if they were kissing.

When asked, Denise’s manager declined to comment over the photograph of Denise and Jiuyun kissing each other. On the other hand, Jiuyun’s manager dispelled rumours of their relationship, saying, “Denise took care of Jiuyun when she was in Hong Kong. When Denise came to Taiwan, Jiuyun reciprocated and of course had to play host to her.”

Asked on the intimate photograph between Denise and Jiuyun, Jiuyun’s manager responded, “We all do that with friends but we will not kiss”. Her manager also stated that the actress is feeling helpless about the rumour and hopes that the rumour will not continue again.