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Denise Richards Is Caring For Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller’s Twins Bob and Max

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Posted: Friday May 3, 2013 @ 5:57 p.m PST



the Wild Things star has been granted temporary custody of her ex-husband’s two boys,Bob and Max, following the removal of the kids from their mother Brooke Mueller‘s home by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services on Thursday.

A source also tells E! News that social workers have been investigating the situation at the residence for over a year, noting that Mueller is often gone for long stretches of time.


Charlie Sheen On The Set With Denise Richards

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Posted: Sunday August 2, 2012 @1:59 p.m PST



Charlie Sheen on the set of “Anger Management” with ex-wife Denise Richards.


Charlie Sheen’s New Love Interest Is Denise Richards

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Source & Story: Inquisitr

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Posted: Friday May 4, 2012 @ 8:10 a.m PST

According to Inquisitr,  it seemed Richards would be playing the business partner of Sheen’s character’s ex-wife, Jennifer. But now, Richards explains, her role is that of the “love interest” of Sheen’s character in the FX comedy.

Richards will be joining the cast along with Sheen’s real-life dad Martin Sheen, who will be playing Charlie’s character’s dad on the show as well.

Not too long ago, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards didn’t get on all that well. Back when he did his post-Two and a Half Men tour, the actor verbally attacked his former wife and mother to his daughters on-stage, calling Richards a “loser,” a “whore,” a “dognapper” and referring to her as “Duh-neese.”

But it would appear the former marrieds have made up, as Richards confirms their new working relationship to Extra TV. Richards spilled:

“Charlie came to me and asked me to do an episode on the show. I saw a sneak peek of the first episode and it’s really funny… I did a table read last week. I play a love interest to my ex-husband.”

And while Sheen was violently angry with his former ex-wife just last year, Denise says that he’s calmed down a lot and the two have repaired their relationship:

“He’s in a really good place… Everything is good. He’s been very focused on our children and on his job.”

Denise Richards is set to appear in the first episode of Anger Management, which airs June 28th on FX.


Heather Locklear Hospitalized In ICU (Video)

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Posted: Friday January 13, 2012 @ 3:os pm PST

Topic: Heather Locklear

According to Yahoo – AP, Actress Heather Locklear is hospitalized in ICU.  “She is still with us, she’s resting comfortably and she is being evaluated,” Los Robles Hospital spokeswoman Kris Carraway-Bowman told The Associated Press. The 50-year-old “Melrose Place” actress was receiving one-on-one care in the ICU, she said.

Jack Wagner and Locklear romance recently ended. She was previously married to Motley Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee.  Locklear  and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora  have a daughter together. Sambora and actress Denise Richards had an affair while he was married to Locklear.

The recent break up between may have brought on severe stress on Locklear.

Denise Richards Resolution:”Ban Those Bottles” Instead Of Saying (I’m Sorry To Heather Locklear) Link

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Posted: Thursday December 15, 2011 @10: 35 am PST

Topic: Denise Richards

Actress Denise Richards New Year resolution is to Ban Bottles.  Richards resolutions should have been, Never sleep with another married, break up a marriage and most of all apologize to Heather Locklear.  Richards had an affair with Richie Sambora while he was married to Locklear. Richards is Drop-Dead-Gorgeous however, she must draw the line.


Kat Von D : I Was Warned About Jesse James

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Blog Source: People –  Dahvi Shira – Wikipedia

Posted: Wednesday November 16, 2011 @ 6:35 pm PST

Topic: Kat Von D – Steve O –  Obie – Nikki Sixx – Jesse James – Denise Richards – Sandra Bullock – Alex Orbison

Kat Von D  was born Katherine Drachenberg  on March 8, 1982. She is accusing Jesse James of cheating on her with 19 women, the Ink artist said she was warned about James and she is waiting for “I told you so from everyone.”

According to People, James and Von D, who had originally been planning a summer wedding, split for good in September. At the time, Von D told PEOPLE, “I wish Jesse nothing but the best in life and in love.”

Von D was married to Oliver Peck  then started dating Steve O,  later on she was dating Roy Orbison’s son “Alex”  and was engaged to marry him only to dump him to be with Nikki Sixx.

Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D broke up then  Denise Richards stepped in and starting dating Nikki Sixx.  Jesse James was married and cheated on sweetheart Sandra Bullock.

Von D and Jesse James hooked up, got engaged, and now James allegedly has cheated on Von D with 19 women.

MORE ON THE STORY: http://www.contactmusic.com/news/orbisons-rocker-son-to-wed-celebrity-tattoo-artist_1060142

Ava Sambora: Richie Sambora’s Daughter Becomes An Actress

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Posted: Thurday August 11, 2011 @ 6:00 pm PST

Topic: Ava Sambora – Heather Locklear – Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear 13-year-old daughter Ava Sambora is following her mother’s career path of becoming an actress.  Sambora has been modeling clothes for her father’s clothing line.  She is beautiful just like her mother.  Sambora’s role will be with Universal Pictures.

Richie Sambora had an affair with Denise Richards while he was married to Heather Locklear,  he is the guitarist  for Bon Jovi.  Richards was married to Charlie Sheen and Locklear was once married to drummer Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.

Denise Richards: Welcomes New Baby (Eloise Joni)

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Posted: Thursday June 30, 2011 @ 12:09 am PST

Topic: Denise Richards – Eloise Joni Richards

Congratulations to  Actress Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen’s  ex-wife is the proud mother of a new adopted daughter Eloise Joni.  The name (Joni) was the name of Richards late mother. Richards is busy writing a memoir so that readers will know about the good times in her marriage to  Charlie Sheen.  Richards said in part  “So, you know, there was a beautiful love story between he and I and then it went the way it went.”

One thing is for certain Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen produced 2 beautiful daughters together. Once again,  congratulations to  new mom Denise Richards.

Charlie Sheen Brooke Mueller Tug Of War In Custody Fight

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Los Angeles

By: De De Tillman

Two And A Half Men Star Charlie Sheen is in court in a TUG OF WAR custody fight with Ex-wife Brooke Mueller.   Mueller was granted temporary custody of the twins after police removed them from Sheen’s home.   Both Sheen and Mueller should be given drug and sanity test to see which is more qualified to care for the boys,  I am a super huge fan of Sheen however, we are talking babies/children and they must be in a safe environment.

I know Sheen will not do any harm to his children however, he must watch the company he keep.   The boys are young and they will not remember the women Sheen had around them in the home.

If Sheen and Mueller want to be  parents, now is the time to get it together and work together so the kids will feel love and not grow up as another nut case.  A lot of Hollywood Children have grown up so emotional scared due to the absent of  1 or both entertaining parent.

I want them to work it out for the children sake,  it’s  funny how the court/attorneys were not in the bedroom when they made the twins.   If Sheen feel as if he cannot live without hookers/prostitutes/ call girls/escort/ etc… That is his business, his money his life,   just keep them away from his home around his children,  take them to a hotel and for goodness sake stop  marrying them.   Charlie should have leaned his lesson from Wife number 2.

I know Sheen has tried to do the right thing by getting married and really trying to a family man,  hopefully this will be Sheen’s last marriage,  his 2nd wife Denise is a real live doozie.



Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear Married

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Posted: Wednesday March 16, 2011 @9:52 am PST

Updated: Saturday November 19, 2011 @ 1:00 am PST

Topic: Charlie Sheen – Heather Locklear – Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear getting married would be sweet revenge against Richards.  Locklear is beautiful, down to earth and did not deserve to be stabbed in the back by Richards.

Locklear’s then husband (Richie Sambora) of Bon Jovi had an affair with Richards.  Sheen and Richards are the parents of 2 beautiful daughters.  Locklear and Sambora have one daughter.

Currently, Locklear is happy in her relationship with actor Jack Wagner who once played on General Hospital.  Locklear was once married to drummer Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.

Has Charlie Sheen Been Terminated?

Where do I start? What is going on in Hollywood with Charlie Sheen, Chuck Lorre and Two In A Half Men?  Let me get to the point!  Attorney Ron Olsen and John Spiegel should get everyone involved together in one office, order food, sit down and TALK about what to do.  Two And A Half Men will not survive without Charlie Sheen, they may get to 1 season without him and know it will be over so the smart thing to do is talk, work things out and get the show back on the road,  I know the cast members are hurting and so are the fans…. TALK TO EACH OTHER AND NOT AT EACH OTHER.  Good luck and I hope the network and producers will grow up and work thing out.  If not all they have to do is call me. Charlie Is The Show.

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