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Bunny DeBarge Performed New Song On Dr. Drew Life Changers (Video)

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Posted: Saturday November 12, 2011 @ 1:35 am PST

Topic: Bunny DeBarge

Singer Bunny DeBarge was on Dr. Drew Life Changers Show talking about her recovery and she performed an original song called “All That I Am.”

Bunny is looking so  beautiful and singing like an angel.

Please continue praying for her.  Please tweet and Re-Tweet this blog Thanks

DMX (Rapper) Does He Spanks His Kids? On Dr. Drew Life Changers (Video)

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Posted: Wednesday November 9, 2011 @ 6:11 pm PST

Topic: DMX

Rapper DMX talks to Dr. Drew on how he was abused and about his 10 children.

The DeBarge Family On “Dr. Drew Life Changes” (DeBarge Video)

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Posted: Wednesday September 21, 2011 @5:15 pm PST

Topic: James DeBarge –  Randy DeBarge – Bunny DeBarge

I was watching Dr. Drew television show Life Changer” and today The DeBarge Family was on talking about their drug addiction.  The family was a big hit which includes “In The Rhythm Of The Night.”

Today Bunny,  James, and Randy reached out to Dr. Drew for help.  Bunny’s daughter was tearful when she spoke about her mother, however, Bunny was close to her family but not close to her own daughters.

James DeBarge was married to mega-star Janet Jackson, DeBarge spoke highly of Jackson and how sweet she was to him. DeBarge credit the late King Of Pop Michael Jackson for saving his life.

DeBarge admit to being homeless at one point in his life and desperately wanted help. Dr. Drew arranged help for the 3 family members, according  to the update James DeBarge walked out of the West Hollywood, California residential facility only after a few hours.

In the past, El DeBarge and Chico admitted to having problems, they both seemed to have gotten themselves together. El DeBarge put out a new album,  he sounds great and looks good. The family started out under Motown Records.

I wish the DeBarge Family lots of love, they are so talented, it would be so nice to see them healthy and back in the studio. The family made the most important step and that’s being aware there is a problem and seeking help.   I am so proud of them and I can’t wait to see The DeBarge Family with a major come back album. I Just love and respect them.

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