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Dwyane Wade Fails To Provide Medication For His Children

Blogged By: De De Tillman

Source: TMZ

Posted:Wednesday February 20, 2013 @ 12:45 a. PST



According to, TMZ  Siohvaughn Wade just filed docs in their ongoing custody dispute, claiming Dwyane “has never obtained any asthma inhalers or asthma nebulizer machines for the children since [Dwyane] was awarded children in his custody on March 11, 2011.”

Siohvaughn says the ex-couple’s two kids both suffer from the condition and require constant supervision.

But according to the docs, “[Dwyane] recklessly failed to provide the five and ten-year-old children with any medication for a life-threatening illness.”

Siohvaughn says Dwyane is putting their kids’ lives in danger as a result — and now, she wants a court to ORDER him to be more attentive … as well as keep her apprised of the kids’ medical treatment.

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Oklahoma Thunder: Are They The Next NBA Champs? (POLL)

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Source: Yahoo Sports

Posted: Saturday June 16, 201 @ 3:45 p.m PST



According to Yahoo Sports,  this is the NBA Finals schedule

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Games air at at 8pm or 9pm ET on ABC)

  • Game 1: Thunder 105, Heat 94
  • Game 2:  Heat 100, Thunder 96
  • Game 3: June 17 @ MIA
  • Game 4: June 19 @ MIA
  • Game 5: June 21 @ MIA
  • Game 6 (if needed): June 24 @ OKC
  • Game 7 (if needed): June 26 @ OKC

Dirk Nowitzki Does Not Find Wade and James Humorous

Written By: De De Tillman >Actress – Scriptwriter – Celebrity Blogger

Source: Sporting News

Posted: Sunday June 12, 2011 @ 1:30 am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Here we go again with the arrogance of Dwyane Wade and the wannabe Michael Jordan> LeBron James having too much time on their hands to make fun of Dirk Nowitzki being sick.  The funny part of this is that Dirk was sick and still managed to beat them.  The Mavs are up 3-2 .

Wade said he coughed and made a joke about the cough because they both knew the camera was in their face.  Dirk called Wade and James “Childish and Ignorant”. Dirk was playing  with a high fever trying to win the game while James and Wade had too much free time on their hands making fun of  him.  They are unprofessional knowing the camera was on them.  They  are getting paid to bring a Championship to their  city,  they  are not  getting paid to mock someone.

Long gone are the classic days of  Magic Johnson and Larry Bird basketball.


NBA Playoffs Mavs vs. Heat: LeBron Feels the Heat

By: De De Tillman

Source: De De Tillman

Posted: Friday June 3, 2011 @10:43pm PST

The Dallas Mavericks and The Miami Heat are playing for the Championship.  LeBron James is taking a lot of heat for being  with the heat for leaving Cleveland and thinking he’s better than the great Micheal Jordan.  Dwyane Wade does have a ring thanks to Shaq.  I am pulling for Dallas due to the fact James and Wade head is too big.  If Miami does win, so be it.  I know Dirk can get the job done if he wants to win.  LeBron had a right to leave Cleveland however he was wrong to leave.  Michael Jordan stayed with Chicago and brought Championships with the help of  Scottie Pippen.  Reggie Miller retired with The Pacers, he stayed loyal to the city.  Karl Malone left Utah and  jumped on the bandwagon trying to get a ring with The Lakers.  LeBron should have stayed in Cleveland and worked hard to bring a Championship to his hometown state and not be a trader.

Dwyane Wade Wants It But Cannot Have It

By: De De Tillman

Source: Black Voices/De De Tillman

Posted:Sunday May 15, 2011 @12:55pm

Miami Heat Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. wants his cake and eat it too.  I was a Heats fan when Shaq was on the team.   Dwyane Wade’s  ex-wife  Siohvaughn  was publicly humiliated with the affair between her then husband and actress Gabrielle Union.  I don’t understand why people feel the need to cheat and destroy others.  All Wade had to do is ask Siohvaughn for a divorce and Union should have stayed away until Wade was a free man.  Union might wake up one day and Wade will be with another woman, then she will get a dose of her own medicine.

One of these days some of those cheating athletics will catch something that they cannot get rid of. There will be no shot or medicine to help them.

Siohvaughn’s mother took Wade in when he was a teen with nowhere to stay.  Dwyane Wade wanted Gabrielle while he was married and got her, Yes Gabrielle was sleeping with a MARRIED MAN WITH CHILDREN.  Wade went on to take his children from his Wife Siohvaughn so that he and Gabrielle can play Mommy and Daddy,  Now he wants that Championship!  This is one thing I pray he does not get!