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Fiona Sit Allegedly In A Lesbian Relationship With Hong Kong Singer Eman Lam

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Source: Yahoo Singapore By Heidi Hsia

Media: Yahoo Singapore / Fiona Sit www.maniadb.com /Eman Lam www.playmusic.tw /

Posted: Thursday August 1, 2013 @2:58 a.m. PST


Rumour has it that Fiona Sit is in a lesbian relationship with Chet Lam’s sister, Hong Kong singer, Eman Lam.

According to HK Channel, sources claimed that the singer found support from Eman after the continuous tribulations she faced in her life, beginning with her breakup with boyfriend, Jaycee Chan, her parents’ divorce, her father’s illness, as well as her conflict with record label, Warner Music.

An insider alleged that the two of them met through Chet Lam, who was also introduced to her by Joey Yung when they took part in a stage play. However, they only grew closer after Fiona signed on with Paco Wong’s Sun Entertainment and performed together for the 903id club Music Live show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in May.

A source claimed, “Eman often asked Fiona to rehearse together, and since both of them are women, Fiona dared to show sexier moves. As they always met for rehearsal, both of them became much closer.”

It was alleged that Fiona felt more comfortable with Eman and learned to accept that a man can never be as attentive as a woman. Eman was the only person she agreed on seeing when she was down on her luck.

Although she’d never actually announced her sexual preference in public, Eman is known to have been dating a partner of the same-sex. The singer once said, “I believe everyone has experienced being in love with someone of the same gender, especially women!”

Fiona Sit is rumoured to be dating Eman Lam