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Chris Brown In Jeopardy

Chris Brown is in Jeopardy of not being able to perform for ABC show “Dancing With The Stars” I made  blog a couple of days ago saying this is going to happen to Chris if he does not STOP and WAKE UP,  he is a very young man who has a chance to have a long-lasting career however,  he must get help before his career is over,  his Albums may have high sells,  the problem is his behavior will stop him from expanding.

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Chris Brown Melts Down After Tough Interview On GMA (Video Link)

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Posted: Saturday March 26, 2011 @1:06 pm PST

Updated: Sunday November 13, 2011 @11:20 pm PST

Topic: Chris Brown – Rihanna

Chris Brown has been in the busy long enough to  that Robin Roberts, Good Morning America and the rest of the media does not give a d-am about his new album, they know he’s a HOT HEAD and that is what’s going to sell for them.

Brown made a huge mistake by putting his hands on Rihanna. Brown should have driven Rihanna to safety, ask her to get out of his car un-harmed.

Brown is multi-talented  I fell in love with his talent however,  at the moment he’s behaving  the media wants him to.   Brown said ” people praise Charlie Sheen and other celebrities for their Bull-hit.”

Brown will always be  accused of his past actions however,  it’s up to the R&B star to remain  positive and calm.  F.A.M.E  (Forgiving All My Enemies) is the title of Brown’s  new album.

Brown must forgive himself before he can forgive all of his enemies.  Brown should  go back to anger management classes.