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Anthony Ryan Auld Designed Outfit For 13 Year Girl Diagnosed With Cancer (Photo Link)

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Posted: Saturday October 8, 2011 @ 7:38pm PST

Topic: Anthony Ryan Auld – Lamika

This Blog Is Dedicated To: Anthony Ryan Auld & Lamika

Anthony Ryan Auld is a fashion designer from Louisiana. Auld is a cancer survivor who was on Project Runway season 9 and has wow the audience from around the world with his outstanding designs that he has masterly created.

Auld is out from Project Runway, however, he continues to design. Auld designed a dress and jacket for a young girl name “Lamika” who has been diagnosed with Cancer. Auld put a smile on the young girl’s face.

I would love to see Anthony Ryan Auld design for The British Royal Family, Celebrities and be a guest on The Ellen Show and Wendy Williams.  Auld’s Fans around the would love to see him with his own show on OWN Oprah’s Network.

He has developed  his own foundation “Rock One Movement”  ROCK ONE MOVEMENT

Anthony Ryan Auld is hoping to win Project Runway Fan Favorite so he can continue to help others and launch his fashion career all across the universe and his supporters can help him achieve this goal by adding #PR9anthonyryan to every tweet you send on Twitter.

Auld is a cancer survivor and now that he’s been given a second chance at life, he’s giving back, he truly deserves to win Project Runway Fan Favorite. Auld comes from a sweet and loving family.



Anthony Ryan Auld Project Runway Season 9 (Links & Videos)

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Posted: Thursday August 18, 2011 @ 5:10  pm PST

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To Vote For Anthony Ryan Auld:http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/season-9/fan-favorite?cmpid=Social_Twitter_PRFF_anthony

Second Option To Vote: Add #PR9AnthonyRyan To Every Tweet You Send On Twitter This Counts.

Fashion Designer Anthony Ryan Auld brings his sweet southern charm and personality to  “Project Runway” Season 9,  he is a cancer survivor.

Auld is a talented designer from Baton Rouge, LA .   Please vote  for Designer Anthony Ryan Auld so that he may continue wowing the judges and world with his amazing creations.

After the show is over Auld should be interviewed and have his clothing designs featured on “Ellen” and the Wendy Williams show.

Auld is every celebrity’s dream fashion designer including to design for the British Royal family. #PR9AnthonyRyan

Anthony Ryan Auld Bio:http://anthonyryanauld.tumblr.com/

Anthony Ryan Auld On Twitter:https://twitter.com/#!/ryanauld

Anthony Ryan Auld On Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/ryan.auld