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Princess Beatrice New Figure In Bikini (Video Link)

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Posted: Wednesday June 22, 2011 @ 12:50 am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Princess Beatrice has lost a lot of weight by eating fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water.  To celebrate her new figure Princess Beatrice is having fun in her 2 piece bikini. Princess Beatrice is the oldest daughter of Fergie Duchess Of York and Prince Andrew.  The 22-year-old is Prince Harry and Prince William cousin.

TO ACCESS THE  (Video):  http://video.aol.com/video/princess-beatrice-wins-weight-loss-war/445079679



Duchess Of York Fergie: Finding Sarah Airs June 12 But Not In Britain

By: De De Tillman

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Posted: Friday June 10, 2011 @2:10am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –  Due to heavy controversy Duchess Of York Sarah Ferguson aka Fergie’s new show “Finding Sarah” on Oprah’s Network OWN airs June 12 here in the USA, however, Fergie fears her show may not be aired in Britain. Fergie has made a lot of mistakes pertaining to the Royal Family,  she is on the road to getting her life on the right track.  Her self-esteem is low, therefore, Oprah’s friends,  Suze Orman and Dr. Phil has come to the rescue.

Fergie was married to Prince Andrew and they have two daughters together the oldest is Princess Beatrice (The Hat Girl)  and Princess Eugenie (The Wild Girl) both girls are the first cousin to Prince Harry and Prince William.  Prince Andrew is Prince Charles brother and the Queen’s Son.

Sarah Ferguson may not be welcomed by the Royal Family, however, she is a loving mother, her children loves and adores her. Hopefully, their love will get her through the rough battles of the Royal Family.

Ferguson says “the most difficult lesson she had to learn was about regret and to accept
that she can’t change the past.  I wish Duchess Of York Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) Great sucess with her new show and new life”.

Fergie Duchess Of York vs. Camilla Duchess Of Cornwell

By: De De Tillman

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Posted May 12, 2011 @12:15am

HOLLYWOOD-   Fergie Duchess Of York WAS NOT invited to The Royal Wedding however,  Camilla Parker Bowes Duchess Of Home Wrecking should have not been invited either,  Thanks to Camilla Parker Bowes Princess Diana is Dead! and died of a broken heart.  Camilla had the d-mn audacity to show up at Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding.

I grant you that Sarah aka Fergie is no peach however Camilla is a rotten stinking apple to the core.   Camilla was at Princess Diana Son’s wedding while the Princess is in her grave thanks to Camilla. I wonder if either will be invited to Prince Harry’s Wedding To Chelsy Davy?


Fergie Duchess Of York Series “Finding Sarah” On OWN

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Posted: Tuesday May 10, 2011 @ 4;15pm

Updated: Tuesday November 8, 2011 @ 10:25 pm PST

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Apparently Prince William did not want Autie Fergie to attend his wedding,  Sarah Ferguson  best know as “Fergie was once married to Prince Andrew  the brother of Prince Charles.

Too much tension surrounds The Royal Family and Fergie,  Prince Philip cannot stand Fergie at all .  The single HOT HUNK  Prince Andrew was in attendance at The Royal Wedding with his 2 daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie whom are by Fergie.

Watch your local listings because Fergie will be on TV talking about the whole ordeal.

By: AP  Ferguson’s new series “Finding Sarah” is to premiere in June on Winfrey’s new cable station, OWN.

Prince Andrew Duke Of York Is A Hot Sexy Bachelor

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Posted: April 30, 2011 @ 12:41 pm PST

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Prince Andrew is a bachelor and very much single. Prince Andrew is the  Duke Of York. Here is more info on the single Prince.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York,  (Andrew Albert Christian Edward; born 19 February 1960), is the second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

At the time of his birth, he was second in the line of succession to the thrones of seven independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms; however, after the births of two children to his elder brother, and an evolution of the Commonwealth,

Prince Andrew is currently fourth in line to the thrones of 16 countries:  Of course he is the Uncle to Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince Andrew was once married to Fergie Duchess of  York until she broke his heart.