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Hins Cheung Signs With Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG)

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Source: Yahoo Singapore By Heidi Hsia

Media: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Sunday August 4, 2013 @9:47 p.m. PST


Cantopop singer Hins Cheung has officially become Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG)’s latest resident artiste.

According to Sina, at a press conference to announce his entry into the company, Hins expressed, “I hope EEG will give me a lot of support and encouragement in my career. I will put a lot of effort to make good music.”

He also revealed his wish to hold a solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum one day.

When asked if he is trying to replace Leo Ku as EEG’s golden star, Hins denied having such intentions and revealed that EEG has been in search of fresh new faces to join them.

It was rumoured that the six-year contract that the singer signed with Albert Yeung’s company gave him a payout of nearly HKD 10 million (app. USD 1,289,310).

Hins will be joining the likes of EEG superstars such as Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Twins, Kenny Kwan, Steven Cheung, William Chan, Jaycee Chan and even TVB stars Wong Cho Lam and Raymond Lam.

Hins Cheung joins EEG