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Japanese Artist Jin Akanishi Marriage To Meisa Kuroki In 2012 Had a Negative Effect On His Career

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Jin Akanishi
赤西 仁
Born 赤西 仁 (Akanishi Jin)
July 4, 1984 (age 33)
Spouse(s) Meisa Kuroki (m. 2012)
Children Theia (b. September 2012)

Unnamed boy (b. June 2017)

Musical career
Years active 1998–present
Associated acts
Website jinakanishi.com


Akanishi wed Japanese actress and model Meisa Kuroki in a private ceremony on 2 February 2012, just two weeks after they’d released official statements denying they were seeing one other.

The marriage immediately had a negative effect on Akanishi’s career, not only because he failed to inform his talent agency, Johnny & Associates, of his plans to wed but because rumors began circulating that Kuroki was pregnant at the time of the wedding.

In response to the scandal, his talent agency made the decision to cancel his solo tour.

In 2014, on March 2, Akanishi had decided not to renew his contract with Johnny & Associates, and had left the agency as of February 28. On July 4, he set up his own independent label, Go Good Records, and that opened his new fan club, “JIP’s” (Jin’s Important People).

Akanishi and Kuroki have a daughter, Theia Akanishi (Japanese: 赤西 ティア, Akanishi Tia), who was born 23 September 2012, and a son, whose name has not yet been revealed to the public, who was born 6 June 2017. According to, Wikipedia

Meisa Kuroki Confirms She’s Pregnant By Jin Akanishi “I’m Happy And Grateful To Have Been Blessed With A Child”

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Actress Meisa Kuroki, 23, has officially announced that she is pregnant. The announcement was made on her blog on Sunday, several weeks after it was widely reported by media.



Kuroki, who was rumored to be pregnant when she married singer Akanishi Jin, 27, back in February, told fans, “I’m finally able to officially announce that I am four months pregnant.” She went on to apologize for the delay in the announcement.



Both Kuroki and Akanishi publicly denied their relationship and failed to confirm widespread reports that Kuroki was pregnant at the time of their marriage.



“Right now, I feel mentally and physically well. I’m happy and grateful to have been blessed with a child,” she wrote.



Kuroki’s agency has announced that she is to appear in the play, “Miyazawa Kenji ga Tsutaeru Koto,” on May 12-13 at Setagaya Public Theater, before going on maternity leave. She reportedly plans to return to work sometime after giving birth.

Meisa Kuroki Confirms She's Pregnant.