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[Vids] 131016 XIA 2nd Asia Tour ‘Incredible’ in Yokohama (Day 3)

Junsu Is So Talented and His Twin Brother

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Junsu aka XIA (JYJ) “11am” Lonesome In a Very Dry Windy Area

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The first video teaser for XIA Junsu’s upcoming 2nd studio album has been released on June 28th!

The video teaser is very short, lasting only 17-seconds long. Junsu is sitting by his lonesome in a very dry, but windy area, surrounded by big speakers. As the camera slowly pans in, Junsu’s soft singing is heard over the loud wind.

The entire clip of “11am” will be released on July 2nd!

Junsu aka XIA (JYJ) 20130715

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XIA Junsu is making a comeback this summer and has recently confirmed his comeback and release date for his 2nd studio album. Along with the studio album release date, his first image teaser has been released.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu’s 2nd studio album will be released on July 15th, and has recently finished shooting his music video in the United States. For the first time since his debut, he has decided to go with a double cut hairstyle, as seen in the teaser image.”

The image teaser features Junsu against a white background as he stands charmingly with his black, double cut hairstyle, wearing a funky, but colorful jacket.

“In his first album release last year, he revealed a neutral charm and charisma. [For this album], he combines a funky and urban look assembled by the summer collection jacket he is wearing, to make a colorful look.”

“The music video shot in the United States combines vintage and fantasy to create a wonderful image. Addictive hip-hop rhythms will add color to the track, inviting a cool, refreshing taste of summer.”

Junsu is expected to begin promotion after the release of his album, similar to last year.

Source: Sports Chosun