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Kai Ko {Taiwanese Actor} Seen With Tia Li {Dream Girls} After Split With Elva Hsiao

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Posted: Saturday August 2, 2014 @ 6:08 p.m PST


After his split with Elva Hsiao, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been spotted on three midnight dates with Dream Girls member Tia Li last week, sparking widespread speculation about his new romance.

When probed on his relationship with Tia, the 23-year-old revealed that they have only known each other for a short time and insisted that they are not dating.

Tia has also responded to the rumours via her manager. The singer-actress clarified that she was not referring to Kai when speaking about her ideal marriage partner at a press conference earlier this week. “We always hang out in a group and are really just friends,” she said.




Kai Ko’s Girlfriend Elva Hsiao Considers Him Too Expensive

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Source: Yahoo Malaysia By Heidi Hsia | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom

Media: Yahoo Malaysia

Posted: Friday January 24, 2014 @ 8:20 p.m. PST


Despite not being able to attend the launching of his girlfriend Elva Hsiao’s new fashion store, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko still showed his support by uploading a photo of him with the store’s bag.

As reported on Sina, on 21 January, the actor, who was filming in Shanghai, published a photo of himself carrying a bag with the brand “Carry Me” written across it. He also wrote a special message to Elva, saying, “All the best for the opening of Carry Me”.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese diva revealed that she hadn’t good sleep the night before the opening, saying that she was too anxious about the event. She even admitted it during the opening speech, saying that she was more nervous about the launch than releasing a new album.

It was reported that Elva spent NTD 2 million (USD 66,225) for the launch of “Carry Me”, including the press conference, fashion show and the launching ceremony itself.

When asked whether she would consider Kai Ko to be the spokesperson of her new fashion line, Elva exclaimed, “I cannot afford it. He’s too expensive!”

Kai Ko promotes Elva Hsiao's new fashion store

Yang Mi Stars In Tiny Times 3 With Taiwanese Actor Kai Ko

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Source: Yahoo Malaysia By Heidi Hsia | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom

Media: Yahoo Malaysia

Posted: Wednesday January 1, 2013 @ 1:00 p.m. PST


After much speculation, it was reported that Chinese actress Yang Mi will make her return as the female lead in the third instalment of the “Tiny Times” franchise.

As reported on Sina’s Daily News, previously, rumours were rife that Yang Mi will not be joining the cast members due to her hectic schedule as well as her newly married life with husband, Hawick Lau.

The speculations were further fuelled when author-director Guo Jingming, who has been updating fans with casting news, did not mention anything about Yang Mi’s return.

However, on 30 December, Guo wrote, “My heart’s most suitable for Lin Xiao (Yang Mi’s character), for she has returned.”

Yang Mi also confirmed her comeback through the social network, saying that while there are challenges in returning, she finally chose to return to it as her first project after her wedding ceremony in January next year.

She wrote, “Tiny Times has been with me when I had heartbreak, and will also be with me as I become a bride.”

“Tiny Times 3”, which is scheduled for a summer 2014 release, will also star the original cast Amber Kuo, Evonne Hsieh, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko and Chinese actress Bea Hayden.

Meanwhile, Lin Xiao’s demanding boss, who was originally played by Rhydian Vaughan, will be replaced by Jolin Tsai’s man and model, Vivian Dawson.

Yang Mi returns for "Tiny Times 3"

Elva Hsiao Trapped Inside The Car and Hotel For Three Hours

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Source: xinmsn

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Posted: Monday September 23, 2013 @ 11:02 p.m. PST


After spending Mid-Autumn Festival with her boyfriend Kai Ko in Beijing last week, Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao flew to Hubei for a show on Saturday, where she was seen happily posing for pictures with the staff and VIP guests backstage.

As Elva was not wearing any makeup the next morning, her manager declined a photo request by the event organiser’s staff member, who had specially gone to the hotel to take a picture with the singer.

Infuriated by the rejection, the staff cancelled the transport which was supposed to send Elva to the airport. Though the organiser sent another vehicle to pick up the entourage upon Elva’s manager’s request, they were trapped inside the car as 20 well-built men surrounded it and banged on the windows shouting, “Why can’t you take photos?!”.

In light of the chaotic situation which caused her to miss her flight back to Taiwan, Elva did not oblige to any photo requests and returned to the hotel room with her manager.

Elva then sought advice from her good friend Jaycee Chan, who suggested asking his dad Jackie Chan for help. The singer stayed in the room for nearly three hours before leaving the hotel unscathed.


Elva Hsiao

Elva Hsiao’s Boyfriend Kai Ko and Model Bonnie Leung Have Been Flirting Chatting On The Phone Every Night

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Source: Yahoo Singapore

Media: jonasapproved.com

Posted: Saturday July 13, 2013 @9:17 p.m. PST


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko recently dismissed rumours of romance with Hong Kong model, Bonnie Leung.

According to HK Channel, after his rumoured relationship with Shanghai boutique owner Rigel Davis and his supposed breakup with Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao, Bonnie stepped up and revealed that she and Kai Ko have been flirting and chatting on the phone every night.

Bonnie stated that Kai Ko had never told her that he has been dating someone else, and was upset that she was the only one blasted by Netizens as a third party.

However, Kai Ko denied the relationship, saying, “Maybe it was my gestures and the way I show concern. Girls may have mistaken it as flirting and it turned into some juicy gossip.”

The actor also dismissed rumours of breakup with Elva Hsiao, saying, “Elva and I are still getting along. I trust that she has no doubt about me despite all the rumours.”


Kai Ko Girlfriend Elva Hsiao Can’t Be His Goddess For Life

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Source: xinmsn

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Posted: Tuesday January 8, 2013 @11:11 p.m. PST



Taiwanese songstress Elva Hsiao may be regarded as a goddess in many male fans’ hearts, but not in boyfriend Kai Ko’s eyes.

At the promotional event for his latest romance movieTogether in Beijing, Kai sang high praises for his co-star Angelababy, and commented that he shared similar personalities with her.

“Both of us are very bubbly most of the time,” he quipped.

When asked to compare the level of attractiveness between Elva and his two onscreen girlfriends Michelle Chen and Angelababy, Kai bluntly replied, “I didn’t know [Elva] that well previously. Thus, she can’t be my goddess for life.”

After the press conference, Kai’s manager clarified that the Taiwanese actor was “quoted out of context”.

He explained, “Kai meant everyone will have different idols at various stages in their lives.”

Elva Hsiao and Kai Ko 2

Kai Ko Actor 20, Undergo Brain Surgery To Remove Tumor

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo Singapore – Casey Lee

Photo Credit: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Wednesday May 23, 2012 @9:05 p.m. PST



Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has revealed that he would be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor inside his brain.

According to Jayne Stars, the 2011 Golden Horse Awards Best New Actor winner for “You are the Apple of My Eye” said that it would be a minor surgery and fans have nothing to worry about during a promotional event in Hong Kong recently.

“There is a little toy in here!” said 20-year-old Ko, who revealed that he had found out about the growth at the back of his brain last year.

“I’m afraid that it will hurt!” Ko added. Although the post-surgery effects are unknown, but he is optimistic that he would be able to get back to work by July or August.

When asked about who would accompany him to the hospital, Ko cleverly replied:

“That’s a big trap! Of course, my parents!”, as he evaded a question about his ‘open’ relationship with singer Elva Hsiao, who is 12 years his senior.

Kai Ko


Elva Hsiao Says Stop Asking! (Photo)

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Posted: Monday January 30, 2012 @ 4:10 pm PST

Topic: Elva Hsiao – Kai Ko

Recently, Taiwanese Mandopop singer Elva Hsiao and actor Kai Ko went out on a movie date together; however, when she promoting her new album was asked about the media reports if she and Ko were dating and she shouted “Stop asking!”

Hsiao said, “Currently, I want to be nothing more than friends.” Also, for the media not to feed too much into their relationship.

Hsiao will be taking a break until February and travel to France to work on her acting and dancing skills.

When asked if she will be spending money on luxury items, Elva laughed, “I’ll definitely shop when I’m there. However, the focus of the trip is self-enrichment.”

The way she answered that question it’s probably a good thing Ko is not dating her.

Elva Hsiao