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Jessica Wild “She Likes It Wild” (You Like It Wild Video)

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Video Credit: YouTube – MidnightBitchQueen

Posted: Thursday May 26, 2011 @12:14am PST

Updated: Thursday November 10, 2011 @ 9:20 pm PST

Drop dead gorgeous Jessica Wild was born José David Sierra in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Wild is a Drag Queen and Television Personality,  she won the hearts of millions with her beautiful smile, outstanding  personality and her cute accent in Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Wild recently released a song called “You Like It Wild.” It’s high energy which can definitely be heard in clubs around the world.  The song has hit # 10 on Hot G Music in Brazil.

Please support Jessica Wild by purchasing her music and watching her performances in person.

RuPaul’s season 1,  I fell in love with third place Rebecca Glasscock. On season 2,  Jessica Wild, Nicole Paige Brooks and Tatianna. Finally, on season 3, Raja. Please support all 5 of these beautiful talented women.

Mi amiga Jessica Wild es muy bonita!

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Nicole Paige Brooks

By: De De Tillman

Source: De De Tillman/Nicole Paige Brooks/RuPaul Drag Race

Posted: May 19, 2011 @12:55pm

SAN FRANCISCO-  I had to do this special blog on this very special sweet person “Nicole Paige Brooks.”  I fell in love with Nicole’s laugh, sense of humor and most of all the love she has for her son.  I sent Nicole a tweet and just like I thought she tweeted me back.  I love Stars who give their fans attention,  trust me when stars are sweet the word spreads,  when they are nasty same thing.

Nicole Paige Brooks was on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2,  that season was the best so far. Season 1, my favorite was Rebecca Glasscock and from Season 2,  Tatianna, Jessica Wild and my girl NICOLE PAIGE BROOKS.

Nicole works in the Atlanta, Georgia area, so if you would like to see her perform, here is a link for you to follow her,  I can’t wait to see her perform in person even if I have to bring her to California to do so.

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Jensen Atwood Sexiest Man On Earth (Video Interview)

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Blog Source: 2006 Video By:Anne264 Interviewed By:Charlotte/BET

Posted: May 10, 2011 @2:44pm

Updated: Sunday August 7, 2011 @9:30 pm PST

Actor Jensen Atwood is one of the Sexiest Man on the face of Earth.  I am working so da-n hard at getting him on a regular show again.  I want to see Jensen do more  Movies, TV, Modeling, Commercials the works.

I have a project I am currently working on and it has Jensen Atwood name already on it,  the part is made just for him however,  in the meantime fans from all over the world are re-discovering this  fine, sexy, handsome, drop dead gorgeous talented man with the deep dimples to die for.  In the Video Atwood speaks on relationships, dating  and communicating with friends.



Tyra Sanchez Deserves $75,000

Tyra Sanchez and RuPaul

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Posted: Wednesday May 25, 2011@ 12:11 pm PST

Topic: Tyra Sanchez

Tyra Sanchez was RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 winner.   Sanchez was quiet yet  outspoken he concentrated on one thing and that was his son “Jeremiah”  All Sanchez could think about was where he had been, where was he going and the future of his son.  Most people would either give up or, have that “I don’t care personality”  Some shows need to be judged by viewers and some by the viewers.

In Sanchez case it’s a good thing he was judged by RuPaul because he had rubbed the fans the wrong way.  He did not mean to do that, it was the love of his son that kept him to himself,  all Sanchez wanted to do was pray and concentrate on winning and winning he did.

Week after week Sanchez delivered from fancy clothes, hair, make up and more,  he even had a chance at acting on the show,  I wonder if the Acting Bug has bitten? If so.  there is room for 1 more and who knows,  Sanchez might take home an Oscar.  I for one would love to see Sanchez on the Big Screen, as for his son Jeremiah,  his dad is a real FATHER.    Jessica Wild, Nicole Paige Brooks and Tatianna were my favorites however,  Tyra deserved to win and it would have been nice to see him win the $75,000 they have for season 3.  Season 1 Rebecca Glasscock was my pick.

Nicole Paige Brooks is so sweet, loving and I give her my 100% support.



Actor Jensen Atwood

Actor Jensen Atwood      I have to give a shout out to Actor Jensen Atwood.  What I love about Jensen is he interact with his fans.  When you read his tweets,  he invites his fans to come see him , say hello and don’t be afraid to approach him…. I just love his work and as a matter of fact I am working on a project with his name on it….  I cannot see anyone else playing the part.  Now here is the thing,  It should be against the law to be so dang fine… Oh Merc … Read More

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This is what’s going to be the headlines next> Chris Brown Banned <  If Chris does not get help for his anger, he is going to risk not working, albums pulled from the stores, no more appearances on TV and worst of all,  he really does stand a chance of not being able to get on an airplane because, he is known for having a violent temper and might become a risk on flights.  Look what happened to Adam Lambert,  all Adam was doing was putting on a brilliant show giving his fans what they want, so, If Adam got treated like an outcast for a great performance,   Chris can kiss TV goodbye,  Adam did not hit anyone, did not break anything and look what happened,  as a matter of fact I am happy American Idol did not give the title to Adam Lambert because he is better off without them, he is free to do what he want to do, don’t get me wrong ADAM WAS THE BEST, ADAM WAS THE WINNER. Networks are not fair and they are double standard, now back to my point!  Chris need to take chill pills and get ANGER MANAGEMENT HELP NOW.

De De Tillman /Actress / Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

Lindsay Lohan Necklace Thief

Is  Lindsay Lohan a necklace thief? or Is this for publicity?  What is the real truth behind the necklace, because it makes no sense what so ever to pay an Attorney hundred of thousands of dollars when it’s cheaper just to buy the darn thing, could it be for attention?  What do you think?  Please leave a comment here.

De De Tillman /Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

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