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Oxana Zubakova,37, {Russian Supermodel} Seized Safe Deposit

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Posted: Monday January 6, 2014  @ 12:46 p.m PST



Oxana Zubakova, 37,  A former Russian supermodel today failed in her attempt to force the police to hand over 100,000 euros worth of cash and jewellery they had seized from her safe deposit box.had claimed the money and gems had been held lawfully by her in the Park Lane safe deposit centre.

Apart from the cash it contained  a £5,500 Tiffany’s pendant, which she said was a gift form Meghrabi, and a £11,000 Cartier necklace.

Once her modelling career was underway she worked with leading fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Yves St Laurent and Etro.

In 1999 she founded OMM, a talent management agency for the fashion industry.

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