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Park Ji Min {K-Pop Star} Difficulty Dieting “The Most Weight I’ve Lost Is 10kg”

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Posted: Tuesday December 30, 2014 @ 4:36 a.m PST



SBS K-Pop Star – Season 1 winner Park Ji Min shared her complaints about dieting in the latest special K-Pop Star special episode of Healing Camp on December 29th.

Park Ji Min revealed, “The most weight I’ve lost is 10kg, and because of the yo-yo effect, I gained back almost double that. I want to be reborn again,” adding that she wants to change her overall appearance.

She continues, “When I take photos and I laugh, my nose opens so much it touches my cheeks. So when I can’t help but laugh, I cover up my nose. I want to have a pretty nose.’

Park Ji Min has also revealed what she had done with her prize money on the same episode of Healing Camp.

15&'s Park Ji Min on "Healing Camp"

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Park Ji Min,16, Appears Skinnier With Double-Eyelid Surgery

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Posted: Saturday July 13, 2013 @10:09 p.m. PST


Park Ji Min‘s face is catching much attention.

In recent online community forum, several pictures were posted under ‘Park Ji Min who recently got double-eyelid plastic surgery.’

The pictures were from SBS “Midnight TV Entertainment” aired on July 10. On this day, Lee HiBaek Ah YeonAkdong Musician, and other stars of the program “K-Pop Star” came out.


Season 1’s winner Park Ji Min caught the most attention. Her chubby and innocent face from back then was gone and she appeared skinnier with double-eyelid surgery that had not settled in yet.

When Park Ji Min was asked, “How many kg did you lose?,” she simply sighed and said, “People are all so skinny.”

Park Ji Min is now part of a girl duo group 15& with Baek Ye Rin.

Park Ji-min K-Pop Star Winner Signs With JYP

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Posted: Thursday May 24, 2012 @12:35 p.m. PST



After a row of speculations, it was revealed that SBS “K-Pop Star” winner Park Ji-min has chosen to sign with Park Jin-young’s JYP Entertainment.

According to Kpopfever website, SBS revealed that, “Park Ji-min has recently signed a contract with JYP Entertainment. SM, YG, JYP Entertainment companies are well aware that the successful debut and promotions for the first winner of “K-Pop star” is important so they have been coordinating with Park Ji-min on the plans going forward.”

They also revealed that the 15 year-old has decided to work and debut with JYPE as they have the same music taste that she hopes to make.

The winner Park Ji-min enthused, “It feels like a dream that I am joining a company out of the three that give me flutters just to hear their names. I am especially really happy that I will be able to receive more of the detailed instructions from judge Park Jin-young and I will work hard to learn more to show a much improved version of myself.”

Meanwhile, according to a representative at JYP Entertainment, Park Ji-min is already working on her debut project.

The rep stated, “Park Ji-min recently signed with JYP and her debut project is already in progress.”

The agency praised her hardworking attitude and added, “We don’t know when her official debut will be and no concrete schedule has been outlined, however, she will be releasing an album in the near future to make her debut in the music industry.”

Park Ji-min chose JYPE. Story Credit: Syahida Kamarudin / Photo Credit: Yahoo Singapore



Park Ji-min 15, Wins K-Pop Star (Photo & Videos)

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Source & Story Credit: Chosun

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Posted: Sunday April 29, 2012 @9:50 p.m. PST

Park Ji-min, a 15-year-old middle school student, won SBS’ “K-Pop Star” audition on Sunday to emerge as the youngest winner — and first female victor — of any of the nation’s recent TV audition shows. Park beat fellow teenager Lee Ha-yi in the final episode that was broadcast live after capturing the attention of world news media and Hollywood celebrities.

She captivated judges immediately with her stage manner and excellent singing skills. When she performed “Rolling in The Deep” by British singer Adele in a preliminary event, two of the three judges — BoA and Park Jin-young — hurrahed, an event that even featured of CNN’s coverage. Actor Ashton Kutcher also posted the footage on his Twitter account, and the CBS talk show “The Talk” asked Park to appear on the show. When she was picked as the winner, she said she felt like all her hard work had paid off.

Born in Daejeon, Park emigrated to Thailand with her family at the age of five. She seems to have inherited her talent from her parents, who were singers either in popular or Christian music genres.

“We heard that Park’s parents like music, so they wanted their daughter to become a good singer as she grew up. They devoted themselves to her education. And Park learned swimming, ballet and golf from her childhood. The family came back to Korea so she could get a good education in music,” SBS said.

Park received prize money of W300 million and a luxury car (US$1=W1,135). She will also get the opportunity to release an album through one of the nation’s three major management agencies — SM, YG or JYP.

Park Ji-min