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Singer Rain At Incheon Airport On His Way To China

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Posted: Thursday September 26, 2013 @1:50 p.m. PST


On September 26,K-pop solo artist Rain was seen at the Incheon aiport on his way to China.
He is wearing simple blue top with jeans, mathced with sunglasses and white shoes. He looked comfortable and casual.
After finishing his military dutries, Rain has been meeting his fans across Asia. He recently made contracts with CUBE DC.
Meanwhile, Rain will have first official fan meeting since his discharge from the military on October 12.

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) Fan Meeting Scheduled At Kyung Hee University and Participate At Sonic Bang

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Posted: Tuesday July 23, 2013 @12:35 a.m. PST


Leading K-pop singer Rain, who was discharged from his mandatory military earlier this month, has decided to make his first public appearance a mass fan meeting.

The fan meeting will be held at Kyung Hee University on Aug. 3, in an event organized by Rain’s official fan club, according to the singer’s new management agency, Cube Entertainment.

The agency added, however, that this fan meeting is not considered part of any official “comeback” to the entertainment scene and that Rain has not started work on a new album.

Many local media outlets have reported that Rain will take some time to rest before starting on any new music.

But while fans may have to wait to hear new songs by Rain, they will get at least one chance to hear their old favorites, as Rain is scheduled to participate in a Bangkok music festival called Sonic Bang on Aug. 24. Many Korean artists, including Epik High, and internationally-renowned ones, such as Far East Movement and Jason Mraz, are also scheduled to perform there.


Se7en At Massage Parlours & Rain Drinking Alcohol ETC Usually Not Allowed In Military

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Posted: Friday June 28, 2013 @ 3:00 p.m. PST


Se7en was involved in an issue surrounding celebrity military recruits spotted visiting massage parlours for indecent services, along with Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu. Other celebrities such as Rain, KCM and more were also seen dressed in their casual clothes, drinking alcohol and using their mobile phones, which are usually not allowed while in military service.

SBS “In Depth 21″ aired the footage last night and has been a hot topic amongst the netizens. The Ministry of National Defense stated that they are currently investigating the incident and added that appropriate sanctions will be in accordance to the law.


Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) Military Pay $70.42 A Month

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Photo Credit: Korea via TV Report

Posted: Tuesday May 8, 2012 @1:10 p.m. PST


The monthly salary of world star Rain who is currently serving in the army shocked many people. What surprised them more is that even with such little pay of 80,000 won($70.42) he confessed, “I have nowhere to use them.”

On April 8, Rain attended the 2012 Culture Festival for Army Recruits and had a talk with military personnel.

When military personnel went up the platform and asked, “I’m curious about how much money you have.” Rain wanted to be recognized as soldier Jung Ji Hoon rather than singer Rain, so he replied, “I’m sorry, but let us only talk about military related stories.” Entertainer soldier Lee Jin Ho, who emceed the event, asked Rain, “I heard that Rain is earning 80,000 won a month.”

Rain revealed, “I honestly have nowhere to spend my money. If I go back in I think I’ll be spending most of them on PX.” Rain who entered military in October of last year said, “I entered here exactly eight months ago. I now have a completely fresh viewpoint.”

The Culture Festival for Army Recruits is an event to express gratitude towards the young military soldiers and their parents.

Kpo Icon Rain aka Jung Ji Hoon. Photo Credit: Korea via TV Report