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San Francisco Pride Parade June 25-26: Grand Marshall: Chaz Bono

Written By: De De Tillman

Source: San Francisco Pride

Posted: Monday June 20, 2011 @ 12:05 am PST

SAN FRANCISCO –   The San Francisco Annual Pride Parade will take place June 25- June 26.  Scheduled to be Grand Marshall is Chaz Bono and among others. This is a 2-day event.  Raja from RuPaul’s Drag Race tweeted she was going to be in San Francisco for the event.


Mother Nature Dislikes Britney Spears

Singer Britney Spears was due to perform for an hour in the  San Francisco Castro/LGBT Community.  The show will be this weekend in the Civic Center District, the show will be for ABC Good Morning America, Yes! Same show Chris Brown was on…

De De Tillman /Actress /Scriptwriter /Celebrity Blogger

Britney Spears Performs In San Francisco LGBT Community

Hot Off The Libra Scale!  Singer Britney Spears is due to perform in San Francisco’s Gay Community known as the “Castro” district.  Britney has a new album coming out. She is due to be in San Francisco Sunday March 27th.  If you are in San Francisco and see me,  do come say hello to me…I travel from San Francisco to Hollywood so, Please say “Hi’ to me, I would love it! lol  Look under the subject, please rate the blogs, check out my “Polls” please subscribe to have my blogs sent to your email and most of all keep reading and tell others about me… lol  Thanks for all your support…

De De Tillman / Actress. Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

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