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Selena Jen Blasted By Yu Haoming’s Fans Called “Fake & A Hypocrite”

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Source: Yahoo Singapore  / Syahida Kamarudin

Media Credit: Yahoo Singapore

Posted: Sunday November 18, 2012 @1:00 p.m. PST



Selena Jen from S.H.E was recently blasted by Yu Haoming’s fans for her birthday wish for the singer.

Asianpopnews reported that on his birthday, 14 November, Yu Haoming wrote an entry to himself on his Weibo, saying, “25-year-old, how are you? This is a new beginning. I hope we can be reborn”. Shortly after, Selena posted a birthday message on his Weibo, stating “We are both Scorpio, hence we are both strong. Happy birthday!”

However, her well wishes were slammed by Yu’s fans who called her “fake” and a “hypocrite”. His fans remarked that Selena managed to inappropriately talk about herself in a birthday wish to Yu Haoming, causing a heated exchange between the fans of both singers.

Nevertheless, Selena was very calm in responding to Yu’s fans, saying, “I know that his fans are supportive of him. We have the same experiences and understand the process of pain. Hence, we will encourage each other along the way.”

The 25-year-old Mandopop singer was Selena’s co-star in “I Have A Date With Spring”, who was also injured in the explosive accident during filming in 2009. It was reported that Yu aggravated his own injury when he shielded Selena from the accident and let her onto the only stretcher to hospital.

Selena Jen and Yu Haoming

Selina Jen (S.H.E) Suffers From Mental Scars Since Burning Incident (Photos)

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Source & Story Credit: XINMSN

Photo Credit: (Asian Bite) (hkmdbnews) (Jpop Asia)

Posted: Wednesday March 28, 2012 @12:15 p.m. PST



The singer is on the road to recovery but mental scars still linger.


It has been more than one year since S.H.E member Selina Jen suffered from third-degree burns, after an accident occurred on the set of now-axed drama I Have a Date with Spring back in 2010.


While she’s on the road to recovery, scoring her first solo endorsement since the accident, Selina has yet to forget what had happened.


At the press conference to announce her endorsement of a beauty product, Selina joked nervously, “I’m so nervous, [because] there are so many people. Who are you trying to scare?”. The 31-year-old, clad in a knee-length white dress with long sleeves, later continued her interview while sitting down, because she is unable to stand for a long time.


When asked if she had forgiven Chen Ming Zhang, the director of I Have a Date with Spring, who had asked her to film the explosion scene without using a stunt double, Selina began to tear.


The singer did not say if she had “forgiven” the director, but told reporters that she had spoken to her husband Richard Chang about it a few days ago. Richard told her that a professional actress would not reject a director’s request.


“Richard kept comforting me, telling me he’d do the same (not use a stunt double) if it’s him. However, I feel that everyone should protect themselves,” Selina said. A staff member with Selina later expressed that it is too difficult for Selina “to forgive” now.


Selina’s record label HIM International had said that the director and stunt director had assured Selina all will be well when she voiced her concerns before the shoot.


HIM International added that Selina’s psychiatrist encouraged her to face up to her fears and hoped that the singer could heal her mental scars through crying.

Selina Jen After Being Burned. Photo Credit: Asian Bite
Selina Jen (S.H.E).
Selina Jen. Photo Credit: Jpop Asia