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Sir Elton John & David Furnish Welcomes New Baby ” Elijah Joseph”

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Posted: Monday January 28, 2013 @4:37 p.m PST


Congratulations to Sir Elton John and David Furnish. 

The couple posed with new baby Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John — who was born on January 11 — and son Zachary Jackson Levon, 2.

John and Furnish also revealed that their surrogate for Elijah was the same woman as Zachary’s.


Sir Elton John: Madonna Won’t Sing Live ”Lip-Sync Good” At Super Bowl

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Posted: Monday January 30, 2012 @ 5: 30 pm PST

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According to MSN Entertainment,  Sir Elton John has implied Madonna will not be singing live during her forthcoming half-time show at the US Super Bowl.

The music legend – whose husband David Furnish recently blasted Madonna turned-film director for winning Best Original Song at the Golden Globes – suggested the ‘Material Girl’ hitmaker should ”lip-synch good” when she sings at the event at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana on February 5.

During an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ Elton was asked if he had any advice for Madonna ahead of her performance, and he replied: ”Make sure you lip-synch good.”

Sir Elton John 64, went on to say he would never sing at a Super Bowl half-time show and he blasted the spectacle. ”I’ve never seen a decent one. Never ever.”

Sir Elton John Husband David Furnish SLAMS Madonna (Full Story)

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Posted: Monday January 16, 2012 @ 9:00 am PST

Topic: Sir Elton John – David Furnish – Madonna

According to TMZ,  Elton John‘s husband David Furnish LASHED OUT at Madonna following her victory speech at the Golden Globes last night … saying it was “embarrassing in its narcissism.”

Moments after Madge won the statue for Best Original Song, Furnish went to his Facebook page and WENT OFF … writing, “Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!”

For the record — Elton was nominated in the same category and seemed pissed off in the crowd when Madonna’s name was read.

But David continued on Facebook … writing, “Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in its narcissism. And her criticism of Gaga shows how desperate she really is.”

Elton seemed particularly bitter towards Madonna BEFORE the awards … telling one reporter on the red carpet he believed Madge had no “f**kin’ chance” of emerging victorious.

Elton John At Caesars Palace Las Vegas 2/9/12 (Video)

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Posted: Tuesday December 27, 2011 @ 10:00 am PST

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Elton will be accompanied by his band, which includes Davey Johnstone on guitar, Bob Birch on bass, John Mahon on percussion, Nigel Olsson on drums and Kim Bullard on keyboards with a special appearance by percussionist Ray Cooper.

One of the most successful live acts on the road today, Elton and his band put on an unforgettable show: the entire audience standing, dancing and singing along with much-loved classic songs.

The monumental career of international singer, songwriter and performer Elton John has spanned more than five decades. He is one of the top-selling solo artists of all time, with 35 gold and 25 platinum albums, 29 consecutive Top 40 hits and has sold more than 250-million records worldwide. Elton holds the record for the biggest selling single of all time, “Candle in the Wind,” which sold 37-million copies. Since his career began in 1969, he has played almost 3,000 concerts worldwide.


Performance Dates:
February 2012
9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18

April 2012
13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21

$55 to $250 plus tax & fees 

Freddie Mercury 65th Birthday: A Queen But A King (Videos)

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Posted: Monday September 5, 2011 @ 12:45 pm PST

Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on September 5, 1946. He leaves behind a legacy of groundbreaking music. His name, his voice, and his music will always be remembered for years to come.

It would have been quite amazing to see how Mercury would have been today. Solo albums, Las Vegas shows, and any other future projects.

Sadly, Mercury passed away November 24, 1991. Mercury a Queen member but a King of Entertainment.




Outspoken Celebrities

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Posted:Tuesday April 26, 2011 @5:26 pm PST

Updated: Wednesday August 31, 2011 @ 11: 59 pm PST

Topic: Outspoken Celebrities

Below is a list of outspoken celebrities who are extremely outspoken, does not bite their tongue and I love them with all my heart.  This is the best way to be.  The below list are not 2-faced at all and they will not apologize to anyone when they know for a fact they are right. 

1.  Sir Elton John

2. Madonna

3.  Whoopi Goldberg

4. Boy George

5. Adam Levine

6. Sir Charles Barkley

7. De De Tillman

8. Simon Cowell

9. Kanye West

10. Stephen A. Smith

11. Joy Behar

12. Roseanne  Barr

13. Rosie O’Donnell

14. La Tray

15. Adam Lambert

16. Judge Judy