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Yoochun’s {K-Pop JYJ} Fans Opened a Library For Children In His Honor

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Source:Koreaboo – Korea Herald

Media: Koreaboo – Korea Herald

Posted: Tuesday September 16, 2014 @8:56 p.m PST


A group of very generous Yoochun fans have opened up a library for children on Heuksando Island in the South Jeolla Province.

The fan group, called “Blessing Yoochun” comprising of fans over the age of 30, celebrated its 4th anniversary by donating 10 million won and 6,600 books to open a library named after their beloved singer and actor.

But this isn’t the first good deed by “Blessing Yoochun.” In 2013, the group opened another Yoochun Library in Shinan, South Jeolla Province to help children of multi-cultural families. The group has also donated to help burn victims with surgery costs, pay for meals at children’s centers and help pediatric cancer patients.

In total, the fan group has donated around 150 million won to show that Yoochun fans are very generous.

Yoochun himself is currently with JYJ on their “Return of the King” tour, which has one final stop in Shanghai next week.


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